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Why Should You Choose Us

Assentment for Active Learning through Live Projects
Academic projects should be considered as an “on the job training” before doing real time JOB in an MNC. This starts from choosing an innovative project. MNC’s consider academic projects as an opportunity for the students to learn the technology thoroughly and also various aspects related to development. That is why they give more importance to academic projects in an interview before offering the job.
An Engineering / Pharmacy student should posses practical knowledge apart from theoretical. By taking live projects, students will get real time exposure and also know about the current technologies the industry is following. Student will get an opportunity to understand the corporate culture and also the importance of working in a team and this enhances their overall personality.

Securing your new step into the Professional World
Everywhere we need a converter to convert one thing to another. While student are going to keep their new step on the career life, we hold their soft hands carefully to secure their step into the Professional World.

Updated learning with Modern Technology
Our technology is updating itself very fast. So we need to update ourselves with technology to work in this competitive market, so we give updated learning on current technology to move your life faster. If, we give some fruitful things to the technology then technology will accept us with full of greet. We give learning on current technology to make your future glorious.

We take care on Individual Student
We try our best to read individual brain capacity and teach them on their own way. We share our knowledge on the subject with them in a friendly environment. We care each student individually and follow different ways to synchronize with their interests.

Our philosophy

Inspire students on Learning
Willingness is the one of the most important power of every successful person. Willing is unconditional, unbounded power of human mind. Willing can take a person from 0 to uncountable position to give success in their life. Everyone has loves on different subject, that may be known by them or not. We are here to help them to know it and try to convert this love in willing to make an expert on their loving subject.

We invoke students to increase their Innovative Ideas
Humans have their own unique ideas. These ideas come from their knowledge. Knowledge grows from environment, learning procedure and keenness to know, etc. We inspire students to bring into play with their innovative ideas. We invoke students to outcome and grownup their inventive ideas.

Learn core from the subject
Learning is not only another word of knowledge. Through learning we have to know the core of the subject. If we know it from the core point then we can remember it for a long time, implement it in real life and we can expend it on a new way of the subject. So we are giving the heart of the subject to the student.

Students are our Dream
We give our extreme effort on individual students for their future golden career and they are also our success.

Salient Features

  • Certificate upon successful completion of the training
  • Best student award based on knowledge & sincerity
  • Scholarships available for meritorious students
  • Best dot Net training Institute in Kolkata
  • Experienced Industry expert faculty
  • Real time experience with Live Project
  • Web-space for Live Projects
  • Online Mock Test Portal
  • Distributed Notes on web
  • Hi-speed Wi-Fi enabled campus